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Get To Know Alina

Hello Friends! 

     So I am sure many of you know that I am a true lover of water. I love to live what people refer to as a "blue-minded life". Water is my medicine. It has allowed me to find my passion, which has become my purpose. Growing up I have always been fascinated by the ocean. I started traveling at a very young age and was always surfing, bodyboarding, snorkeling, or swimming. As a young "water girl", I remember always caring and being drawn to the wildlife as well. When I did not know the answer to something pertaining to a particular species I would read until satisfied. You can never learn too much and you will never know everything. That being said, I continued to keep my mind active by reading more books, watching videos, and taking part in as many educational outreach events as I could at the time. It was never enough. I wanted more! As I started getting older, I wanted to "live" these moments I kept reading, seeing, and hearing about. Before I knew it, I was continuously returning to the ocean and started having interactions with some of the most incredible wildlife. It wasn't until my first real encounter with a shark when I finally decided to get serious about diving and invest in an underwater camera setup. I've always loved photography growing up, but now this meant I could take my camera underwater with me! I love being able to show others the true beauty of the underwater world. My goal is to capture both the beauty and the "shadows", a.k.a. misconceptions, misunderstandings, and dark truths, about our oceans all through the lens of my camera.


To me the ocean is more than just a place to go look at, it's a place where I feel connected. You start to not only see the presence of other living things, how they live, or the changes that occur throughout the years... you start to "feel" them yourself.


The Shadows of The Underwater World 

Some Hide While Others Reveal 

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