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Footprints on Sand

The Way of life

Just about everything I have been doing throughout my lifetime has been because of the ocean. The ocean will always be "my way of life". Some of the first pictures I ever took as a little girl were down by the ocean. Some of the coolest interactions and/ or findings I had as a little girl were down by the ocean. Actively, I was always running around in and out of the ocean. I was driven to be strong enough to handle "mama ocean". From a young age, I knew she was powerful & beautiful. That's what I wanted for myself ... A powerful & beautiful life, filled with mystery and meaning. I told myself that "if I want my life to revolve around the ocean, then I need to keep my body & mind active, learn more, educate others, while ALWAYS respecting the ocean (as well as the life in it)". 

The ocean has led me to become a photographer, a diver, a conservationist, and a business owner. Ocean Shadows is here to connect others who are inspired and/ or passionate about this "way of life". Ocean Shadows is also here to help you get involved and live your life to the fullest!

Alina, Founder and Owner of Ocean Shadows

Quick Note about Conservation

 A lot of my work focuses around conservation. The most common question I get is: "What can I do to help the environment/ how do I get involved with conservation?"

  1. Google different organizations/ companies (or individuals) that focus on conservation and that are well educated

  2. Follow accounts on social media that provide you with accurate information and/ or focus on conservation

  3. Continue to EDUCATE yourself- Keep that mind active 

  4. MAKE CONNECTIONS! Don't be shy! Put yourself out there- If you're passionate about it, SPEAK UP 

  5. See if there are any local events you can volunteer at and be apart of

  6. Make gradual changes to your daily lifestyle 

Any other questions regarding lifestyle:
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